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Stunning Photo-Realistic Graphite Drawings by Monica Lee

Monica Lee is a Malaysian artist. The artist attributes her love for hyperrealism to her father, who worked in the field of photography. Whether you are a fan of photorealistic art or not, and independently of the grid she uses to reproduce the photos, it's impossible to ignore her skills. She spends 3-4 weeks on a single drawing.

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Meet Giant Amanda the supersize model who gets paid to SQUASH men !

38 year old Amanda Soule is 6ft 3ins and weighs 280 lbs (127 kg) with 44DD breasts. Her giant size means she has a skill that is quite in demand with the opposite sex.
With an imposing 20 stone figure that could quite literally crush a man to death, Amazon Amanda is no ordinary model. She is a huge hit with with men who like being sat on, squashed, crushed, wrestled, or simply seen out in pubic with super-sized women.

Here’s Amazon Amanda visiting New York for a session with one of her smallest fans, the 5’3” Sergio Miranda from New Jersey, USA.

The most extreme request she got was from a terminally ill client who asked her to crush him to death.

She says: “Although some of my clients get aroused during the sessions, Iʼm never naked and there is never any sex involved.”