Mom's Adorable Food Art Rockets Her to Fame ! ©leesamantha Jose Paul Sharvin

Four years ago, Malaysian mother Samantha Lee couldn't have guessed that the adorable food art she was making for her two daughters would, one day, rocket her to fame. Today, with over 312,000 Instagram followers, she's become an inspiration to creative mothers all around the world. (Harry Potter and Hedwig). In fact, Lee cuts up rice, bread, vegetables and fruits with ordinary around-the-house items like scissors and knives.
How did her passion for food art all come about? "I started my very first Bento making in December 2008, when I was heavily pregnant with my second daughter," she states on her blog. "It was to let my elder daughter to eat independently after the arrival of her younger sister. I was very lucky and blessed that my creations never failed to impress my elder daughter and it made her looked forward to the next meal. Now, she has her little sister fighting over which character they should get during mealtime. It makes meal time extremely fun.
Lee has no professional culinary training and is quite humble about her beginnings. As she told Today, "I've never been to any cooking class or training before. I'm a very ordinary stay (at) home mom."
“(I) didn't expect it to grow so much. I'm thankful for what is happening to me at the moment.” Now, here are some of her best food art creations all inspired by pop culture.

by Sharvinzlife

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